Strangers Chat

Strangers Chat - 100% free and 100% anonymous online chat. Create your own chatroom and share it with your friends or talk with strangers. 100% free and 100% anonymous.

We dont store any data in the server. Please note all your chat will be automatically deleted every few seconds. All inactive users will be deleted automatically every few minutes.

Strangers Chat is 100% free. There is no hidden fees, Card verification and others. Please dont misuse this application. Suggestions and Feedbacs are welcome

100% free online chat

Anyone in the room can invite new friends we dont store your chat and It is deleted automatically.You can also join any other room and talk with strangers. TALK is perfect for meeting new people..

100% anonymous

This is completely anonymous No one can find you or track you. You information will be deleted when you are inactive. your rooms will not be deleted.

Multiple rooms

Stranger chat helps to create rooms and join rooms at any time. This helps to seperate topic for example business people talk about business, sports people talk about sports.

Real-time chat

This helps to meet people realtime. You can create a room and invite your friends to room. There is no limit and no restrictions. Enjoy and have a happy day with your friends.

Random chat

Strangers Chat helps to find people from different countries online. You can find friends randomly and it helps to discuss about anything like business, sports, news etc.

Safety & Privacy

Stranger chat is anonymous, There is zero personal information stored. there is no user registration but you have to select a username and set your gender. it's very secure and private.